Long-lasting Antibacterial Activity & Accelerated Osseointegration on Dental Implants via Laser-based Nano-structuring

About Us

ImpLas NanoTech is dedicated to assisting and reinvigorating the dental implant industry henceforth it has developed a non-coating, single-step, chemical-free, and laser-based technology that modifies the surface of dental implants. The technology devised by the company will help in long-lasting antibacterial activity and expedited osseointegration through laser-based nano-structuring on dental implants. The Company will alleviate the potential pitfalls of the dental implant industry and curb implant failures by leveraging next-generation technology solutions.

Problems To Solve


Complications in the first 6 months, such as infection and loss of stability


Mucositis, peri-implantitis, implant fracture, loosening of a screw, etc.


About half of the implant placements end up with an infection, which can cause early implant failure. The first stage of infection is peri-implant mucositis, where the bacteria attack the soft tissues around the dental implant. If left untreated, it can transform into peri-implantitis, leading to bone deterioration and loss of support.

Biofilm Formation

Bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation can hamper the performance of implants, for example, by interfering with osseointegration. Also, they are extremely difficult to remove with antibiotics and can lead to chronic infection.

Our Solution

ImpLas NanoTech has devised a non-coating, single-step and chemical-free technology where it imparts the nanoscale topography on Ti (titanium implants) to achieve the long-lasting antibacterial bacterial property, therefore significantly reducing the possibility of infection.

To reduce the problem of increased bacterial adherence and infection on dental implants, ImpLas NanoTech has developed a technology that will lead to a long-lasting antibacterial activity and accelerated osseointegration on dental implants through laser-based nano-structuring.

The rate & quality of osseointegration depends on the implant surface composition, geometry, topography, and hydrophilicity. ImpLas NanoTech’s laser-based process used for modifying the Ti, shows a promising solution for improved quality and rate in osseointegration, thus ensuring the long-term success as rapid osseointegration results in increased stability and long-term success of the dental implants.

Meet the Team

Arash Rahmani

Chief Executive Officer

He is a dedicated Dentist with over 18 years of experience in the dental field. He has worked as a Founder. As Chief Executive Officer of ImpLas NanoTech, Mr. Rahmani is devoted to remaining up to date on the latest techniques to provide the highest level of patient care possible and aims to utilize his excellent years of experience in the industry to bring ImpLas NanoTech to the Canadian market, expected to be a thriving and profitable business.

Yahya Narimanpour

Chief Medical Officer

He is a General Dentist and an Orthodontist with 18 years of experience with a passion for Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Surgery, Root Canal Therapy, Surgical Extractions, and Restorative and Pediatric Dentistry. As Chief Medical Officer of ImpLas NanoTech, Mr. Narimanpour’s eagerness to excel and his in-depth dental knowledge will be vital for the company’s ability to thrive in Canada.

Parastoo Adineh

Chief Marketing Officer

She is an experienced professional with 7 years of diversified expertise in Sales & Marketing and Management functions. She has worked as Veterinarian, Employee in the Commercial Sector, Member of the Board of Directors, Veterinary Equipment-Supplies Sales Manager and Marketing Analyst. As Chief Marketing Officer of ImpLas NanoTech, Mrs. Adineh will contribute to marketing, branding, and advertising plans, while assisting with the development of fresh initiatives in line with the company’s goals which will help to establish ImpLas NanoTech in Canada, where she hopes to sustain its growth.

Seyedyasser Mousavian

Chief Business Development Officer

He is an accomplished businessman with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as Project Coordinator and Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Ward Branch. As Chief Business Development Officer of ImpLas NanoTech, Mr. Mousavian’s positive attitude combined with his strong ability and well-rounded knowledge in providing strategic leadership and overseeing business activities will be vital to bringing ImpLas NanoTech to success within Canadian markets.


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